Consumer loans without security now


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If you are looking for the best consumer loan without security now and then, there are good chances that the best place for you to manage is online. Here you have a wealth of opportunities to investigate everything about your loan provider before making a decision.

Having a loan – and in particular a consumer loan – is often a long and laborious process, and typically the loan provider will ask you to provide some form of security. You can compare it to the fact that the company behind the loan will have a mortgage on something they know they can collect the money in case you do not comply with the payments on your loan. With a home loan or a car loan it is quite simple – here you borrow the money against the loan provider – for example the bank, in principle owning the car or the house until it is paid. If you do not pay your installments, the bank can ask you to sell the house or car.

When we talk about consumer loans, however, it is not quite that simple. The reason for this is that you often borrow an amount to buy several things at once, and that it is therefore not quite as easy for the loan provider to get a mortgage on the things you buy. In addition, it is typically also things where the value is relatively low, and the resale value is typically not quite large. The challenge here is that banks are typically not willing to lend money unless they can be sure of getting them back. Therefore, they will ask you to provide security for the loan – and this can be your house or your car.

There are many people who rent their home and do not have a car. It is absolutely not because they do not necessarily have the money to buy a home – this is just the way they want to live. At many points, it is also a lighter lifestyle. But people who do not own anything can thus have trouble getting a consumer loan if they have nothing to do with security. In addition, it may be that you may own a house, a car or both, but do not want to endanger one’s property simply because you have to use a loan to invest in its business, buy new furniture, new kitchen or the like.

It is so with consumer loans that if you have provided security for the loan in the form of your house or your car in order to be able to take out a loan, you may risk having to get rid of either house or car to repay the loan. Fortunately, it is relatively few who choose to take out loans as they know in advance that they cannot comply. But unfortunately we can all face situations where it becomes difficult to repay borrowed money. If this happens in the case of a loan where you have lodged collateral with a house or a car, you can risk having one of the parts to pay off the loan.

A few years ago, it was unthinkable that anyone was allowed to borrow without providing security. Fortunately, there are far more providers offering consumer loans now than there were years ago. And with the help of the network, it is simple to find a clear overview of which loan providers are the most attractive. Here you can compare interest rates, founding costs and many other things that are relevant to you as a borrower when you have to borrow money. With many websites it is even possible to apply for the consumer loan online, so you can quickly get notified if the loan is approved.

It may be you have heard that it is very expensive to take up consumer loans, and although it is true that some companies have very high interest rates and founding costs, taking up a loan is not necessarily more expensive than taking up a common consumer loan. where to put either a car or a house as a mortgage.

However, it is important that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the interest rates that apply to the particular loan you are looking at, as it does not matter if the interest rate is 15 or 25%.

In addition, we will always recommend that you familiarize yourself with whether it should be a consumer loan or a credit card that is needed in your particular situation. Credit cards give you higher flexibility and you have a “standing credit”, which means you can spend the money, pay it out, and you still have an approved credit card for the next time you are missing out on money. The problem arises if you do not pay the balance on your credit card in full, as interest rates on these cards are usually significantly more expensive than consumer loans. In addition, having a credit card also requires significantly more restraint, as a consumer loan has a clear purpose for the money. Once you have bought what you need or paid the things you owe, you pay off the loan every month and don’t think about it anymore.

However, with a credit card you have the option to pay into the balance and still spend the money. Even if you have to pay the balance in full, you may be more tempted to use the credit card again within a shorter period of time, as it is obviously easier than applying for a new consumer loan. This allows you to get into a situation where you constantly owe money on your credit card. It is not necessarily dangerous, but you have to be aware that you can risk ending up paying a lot of money in interest for some goods or services that might well wait for next month.

Therefore, if you are in a situation where you need extra money on your pocket for a specific thing, we advise you to use one of the many pages available where you can check which consumer loans have the best terms directly from the computer – so you also ensure that you pay the absolute best interest.


Advantages of Fast Loans


Danes have become fond of borrowing online. And of course that is not without reason. Today you can find loans of all sizes, and there is certainly one that suits you. Whether you are going to travel or are missing a new washing machine, there is help to be found. Loans online have come to stay, and the Danes have found out.

You hear a lot about the various disadvantages of borrowing online. Yes, of course, you can quickly get into trouble if you take on too expensive a loan that you don’t pay off – it’s clear. However, if you are willing to make an effort and adhere to your payment agreement every month, there are actually many benefits to taking up quick loans online. Just read here.

First of all, you can look forward to not having a long time before your money is in your account if you take out a loan online. If you go down to the bank and apply for a loan, you can look forward to going and waiting for several days – yes, in some cases even weeks – before you hear anything. In addition, you must also be able to document your personal income, and in some cases you must even state what the loan amount is to be used for. This is of course fair enough, but not everyone thinks it is super comfortable to discuss their personal financial situation.

With a quick loan, you don’t have to worry about this. The entire application process is done at home from your computer. It takes about half an hour to submit your application, and if it is approved, you will receive answers in almost every case the same day. And best of all, you are very likely to have the money in your account the very next day! So if you are missing something now and then, there is a lot of time to save if you choose to borrow your loan online.

Another advantage that the Danes also appreciate is that no documentation is needed. It basically means that your loan provider will not interfere with what you use for the loan amount – as long as you just comply with your payment agreement. So when the money goes into your account the same day or the day after, you can use them for whatever you want – without having to worry about documenting the loan.

Submitting a loan application online is therefore a quick, simple and smart process – both for you, but also gets the loan providers online. The whole thing is made so simple that you simply sign with NemID, after which the loan provider itself obtains the necessary information about you – you also avoid having to submit a lot of paperwork.

There are many types of loans online today, and the Danish market has become enormous. Therefore, always remember to examine your options thoroughly so that you are sure that you will find the cheapest loan to suit your particular needs!


Therefore, you should take an interest-free loan

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Like so many other Danes you have undoubtedly experienced receiving a bill that you did not just include in your budget. It may be that your car or bike needs repair or maybe you have got a really expensive dental bill from the door that you didn’t just count on? Or maybe you’re just tired of looking minus on the account and would like to get more financial freedom, maybe a little more money between hands that you can use as you like? Then there are many opportunities for you.

You’ve probably already considered recording one of the popular quick loans , but you’ve probably also heard how expensive it can end up – and you’re obviously not interested in paying back double on a loan – that’s all it says self. But it does not really have to be an expensive affair, because with the huge market today there are many opportunities to take out cheap loans – which you can also afford.

Image result for loanMany Danes have been happy with the fast loans on the Internet, which is a quick loan process that usually only takes a couple of walking hours. This means that you are most likely to know if you have been granted the loan the same day. With some loan providers, you even have the money in the account after a few hours, or in the worst case no later than the day after. And best of all is? It is now possible to find interest-free loans, which makes the entire loan process much cheaper for you.

Maybe it sounds a little too good to be true, but many loan providers today choose to give interest-free loans to new customers – as this is considered a really good service, and if you get a good experience, there is a great chance that you will return and take another loan. In short, with an interest-free loan you only have to pay a certain amount without extra interest. This means, in principle, that you only have to pay back the amount that you have borrowed, and you thus avoid having to pay fees and costs. A huge relief if you don’t bother paying a wild amount for a quick loan!

Image result for loanAs with any other type of loan, however, it is important that you have thoroughly familiarized yourself with the various requirements and conditions of your loan provider. Here you can also advantageously choose to compare the different loan providers with each other – keep in mind that the market is huge, and you should therefore take your time to find the particular loan provider that can cover your needs. There are a lot of loan calculators on the web, where you get the opportunity to enter the desired amount as well as the maturity of the loan, and you will then be presented with a list of the various loan providers on the net in Denmark. A smart solution if you don’t bother looking around on Google for hours at a time to find the perfect loan! We want you to look after it.

The best types of student loans


It can be expensive to be a student in Denmark. Despite the fact that the vast majority of young people receive SU and do not have to pay for their own education, there may still be large costs associated with being a student – especially if you are moving away from home for the first time. It is also why more and more students feel compelled to go out and take a student loan to get a bit more air in the economy. We will therefore take a closer look at which loan is best suited for you.

If you study daily in Denmark, the obvious choice for you is to apply for SU. SU is the State Educational Support that all students in Denmark are entitled to, and how much the rate is dependent on your personal situation, whether you have a disability and whether you are a dependent. In addition to the general SU rate, you can also apply for the popular SU loans. An SU loan has the clear advantage that you do not have to pay off the loan immediately – in fact, you must first repay the loan amount as soon as you finish your education. In the period when you study, your SU loan works in principle as a free loan – which can be an advantage for many young people. Your SU loan will usually be paid the same day as your regular SU, and you will usually be able to get DKK 3,000 extra on your regular rate. If you need a larger amount in one hug, there are of course other alternatives.

Many young people, unfortunately, do not have the opportunity to borrow from the bank, as there are usually quite stringent requirements for the borrower – for example, it is not unusual for the bank to require you to have been a customer with them for a number of years and that you at the same time can document what the loan should be used for. Since you are probably quite young, there is also a risk that your application will be rejected because of your age. So many young people who need a loan have to look elsewhere.

Borrowing online has become more and more popular over the years, and this also applies to young people. Here, the requirements for the borrower are usually hardly as stringent as in the bank, and furthermore, the payment agreements are usually much more flexible – which makes it possible for you to borrow the amount that you stand and missing now and here, and at the same time take out the loan in a pace that suits you. There are many different types of loans available on the net, and it can therefore be an overwhelming task to choose the provider that best suits you and your needs. Keep in mind that the providers can be very different, and it is therefore important that you always take the time to compare the different offers, as this way you ensure that you end up with the best and cheapest loan in the end.


Should you choose a regular or short term loan?

We usually focus on all kinds of loans in our articles, but today we have to look more closely at whether you should choose a very ordinary quick loan or if it is better to take out a short-term loan. With a regular loan we mean a loan where you find a reliable provider that allows you to repay the loan for several months or maybe years. This is the most popular and common type of loan in Denmark at this time, as most of us appreciate being able to repay the loan at our own pace. However, there may also be benefits in choosing a short-term loan where the money has to be repaid relatively quickly. Read here and learn more about the various advantages and disadvantages of these loan types.

When you are looking for a loan online, it is first and foremost important to consider the following:

Can you afford to repay the loan on time? Today, many Danes are tempted to take out a short-term loan because they want the loan out of the world as soon as possible. There is no one to bother with the same debt after 5 years, and it can therefore be an advantage for many to choose a higher monthly payment and get rid of the debt faster. However, before choosing this solution, you really need to think about whether or not you can actually afford to pay such a high amount each month. There is no need to choose a high monthly payment if you cannot afford it anyway.

What are the interest rates on? When you consider taking out a loan, it is of course a necessity that you look at the interest and the costs of the loan itself. In most cases, it may be advantageous to repay the loan as soon as possible if this is possible, as in that case the many high interest rates are avoided. However, if you need a long-term loan, it is always a good idea to make sure you find the loan with the lowest interest rate. Some loan providers also offer free loans and interest-free loans to their first-time customers, but you still need to make sure the remaining interest rates are low.

How long do you need the loan? You have probably already started making some considerations about what you should use the loan for. If you are faced with an unexpected bill that you simply cannot pay because it is too long for your next salary to come in, it may be an idea to borrow 30 days now . These types of loans are a short-term loan that requires you to be able to repay the full amount after a month’s time. It is therefore also necessary that you are 100% sure that you get money into the account within a short period so that you can pay out the loan. If, on the other hand, you need to borrow a larger amount to cover a purchase or other crisis situation and you need a longer payment period, it is usually smarter to choose the regular payday loan.

What if you can’t repay the loan? While this point is often not something that we are thinking about when we need to borrow on the web, it is still crucial that you consider what happens if you are unable to repay the loan. Here it is first and foremost important that you read the individual’s terms and conditions and any fees if you pay the loan too late. Some providers will send out several warnings before proceeding with the case, but no matter what, you can be sure that you will end up in the RKI sooner or later if you do not repay your loan. It is therefore extremely important that you are sure that you are able to repay the loan before you borrow.

Remember to borrow responsibly

Today, it is no wonder that so many people are tempted to take out a loan through the web. It has become easier than never before. While there is a choice of good, cheap and reputable lending companies, as with everything else in the world, it is obviously important to be cautious when borrowing money – especially when you consider that ultimately your credit rating will be damaged if things Don’t go as expected.

It is usually never a good idea to borrow spontaneously , because you have suddenly seen something in a store that you might think of or because you think it could be nice with more money. While it is entirely possible to borrow from one day to another, we strongly recommend that you consider whether you really need to borrow a loan. If you are and must make a purchase, you can consider whether you can borrow from family or save instead. We think that a loan can be a good solution if you really need one, but at the same time acknowledge that many people are taking out a loan because it is easy and convenient – without thinking about the potential consequences.

Loans with security in order

To borrow today is usually an easy and direct process. Not so much of you is required, other than having your credit rating and your social security number and key card at hand. However, there are still some things that you should always be aware of.

No matter how reliable a loan company works, it is a good idea to check that the company is CVR registered in Denmark. By choosing a CVR registered company, you can be sure that your data is in good hands. Also, give yourself time to read reviews – both positive and negative – online to get an idea of ​​your business reliability.


Real Estate Loan Application → Steps to Prepare Loan Application

Image result for real estate loanThe bankers or brokers you meet need first and foremost to know your consumer and buyer profile of their mortgage offer. Solvency and the key word but it will be interesting to show a solid and stable professional background . Stability is indeed very popular with those who offer you to borrow. Let’s go back together on how to prepare your loan application.

  • Clean up personal debt
  • Steps to preparing a mortgage application
  • Stable career path to apply for credit

choose a broker , calculate the total budget for the acquisition, including all the costs for your installation (or for renting).

  • Step 2 : By estimating your total acquisition budget, you are able to make an initial estimate of your financing needs. Assess your repayment capacity . This second step is often difficult to estimate, including using simulation tools or a mortgage calculator . But basically, what really matters is how much you want to spend each month repaying your mortgage.
  • Step 3 : From there, depending on your income, it becomes much easier to estimate the amount to borrow. Since the sum to be borrowed is necessarily correlated with that of the financing of the acquisition , there are only two adjustment variables, namely the duration and the borrowing rate.
  • 4th step : The duration of the credit. The longer the duration, the greater the cost of overall credit credit. But beyond the rate which is an essential variable, the borrower insurance is often underestimated even though it is an integral part of the monthly payments that you will repay.
  • Step 5 : Set a rate as a proposal to the banker. Show him that you are aware of current practices but if the duration depends only on you, the rate depends on the lender.

To be efficient in your application for mortgage credit, determine the monthly repayment and the repayment period to set the amount to borrow that will be necessary for your financing. Then, if it seems consistent, let’s look for the best credit!

Your broker or bank financing organization will immediately perform the previous assessments and analyze the creditworthiness of the client . To be completely exhaustive, the banker or the broker is interested in the information relating to the income and expenses, to the heritage as well.

credit pooling technique is used to reduce this burden at a higher cost overall.

Watch your borrowing capacity!

As for borrowing capacity, it will be appreciated by means of the debt ratio. How much is the repayment in the monthly income of the borrower? This is a question you need to prepare for. Psychologically and traditionally sometimes, it is considered that a debt ratio higher than 33% is not good . It is a myth, an approach that nevertheless remains in the minds of many financiers and credit intermediaries.

Take care of your career and enhance your ability to be stable to obtain a mortgage

Banks and lending institutions are more likely to have indefinite contracts than other types of contracts, that is true. However, nothing is finished if you have a fixed-term contract or if you are self-employed. Beyond the capacity of repayment , the banking organizations take the measure of the study of the durability of your incomes. The public service is well off to get a loan.

Moving more in order to have bigger gains, which is common sense in a professional life, is paradoxically less for bankers. They like this type of seniority:

  • The duration of a career (longevity in a given trade ideally in the same company),
  • The seniority of your bank account for fidelity,
  • The seniority of the home including as a tenant.

Remember to save, even a little , to show your interlocutor that you have a desire for stability and sustainability in the management of your portfolio. Avoid having overdrafts in the last few months, this also seems obvious.

Regarding the savings you have, it is also a promise for the financier to expect crowdfunding from you. A personal contribution must at least cover the costs of real estate acquisition (in most cases encountered, around 8 per cent of the total for the former). If you have been enrolled in the FICP (Central Incident Payment File) file as a result of bank overdrafts, ask the institution that enrolled you to unsubscribe.

Gather all the necessary supporting documents, including quotes for work, certificates of professional activities, your banking and professional situation.

What is the difference between a personal loan and a business loan?

You already have a stable job that can guarantee the repayment of a loan from a given bank without any difficulty. Would you do well in a new loan but are you struggling to differentiate between personal credit and professional credit ? In this case, this article will allow you to shed light on one and the other so you do not go wrong between the two when you decide to apply for your loan.

  • The loan or personal credit
  • Professional credit

Personal credit / personal loan

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A personal credit is a contract established between an individual and a banking institution that stipulates that the bank will make available to the given person a certain amount of money so that he can carry out his personal projects. Note that this amount must be repaid in 5 years maximum with interest. This means that the individual who receives the credit will not have to wait for years to complete his projects.

Note that you will not have to detail everything you plan to do with your money. Just make sure you do the right things like buying a car, doing some work or for your hobbies. You could even use the loan amount simply as extra cash in your budget.

Also note that the legislation is to protect anyone who has signed a contract of an amount not exceeding the limit of 75000 euros and whose repayment is greater than 3 months. You will have the right to apply for insurance throughout the validity period of your personal loan . Finally, do not forget that you will have 14 days of thought before you get your money. During this period, you can reconsider your decision and cancel your loan application. However, you must understand that the bank is obliged to thoroughly investigate your profile before validating or not your loan project.

The professional loan / professional loan

Image result for professional loanThis type of loan is strictly reserved for the professionals themselves. Among these, we can mention artisans and traders as well as very small businesses. Anyone who practices in the liberal field can also apply for a professional loan such as a pharmacist or a lawyer for example.

Be aware that a professional loan is intended to finance the purchase of materials necessary for the performance of the work of the person concerned or the personnel of a given small business. But the money could also be invested in real estate that will serve in the professional field. Otherwise, you could also reserve the money to spin the box. That is to say, to assure the financial conditions of your company like the purchase of a share of another company or to increase your capital.

Finally, you will have the choice between the following three types of professional loans :

  1. The professional bank loan which is almost the same as a particular loan with the only difference that the worker will only have to provide a contribution of 20%.
  2. There is also factoring, which will give you more leeway to manage credit. You will even have the opportunity to manage your customer account to another box of your choice and according to the contract you will make with it.
  3. Finally, you could also opt for leasing that will allow you to entrust the purchase of a property to a financial institution while it is your business that will use it. This method is often used for the acquisition of a service vehicle for a specific company.

Personal loan definition → operation of personal loan (credit)

What is a personal loan?

Image result for personal loanYou do not know how and where to find money for the realization of your personal projects? In this case, we recommend you go to the bank to apply for a personal loan . The article we have prepared here will bring you a little more light on this subject.

  • What definition of this type of credit?
  • What use?
  • What does the law say about personal loan
  • Withdrawal period: how does it work?
  • Conditions to be fulfilled in order to benefit from it

How to define this type of credit?

Simply put, a personal loan can be defined as a contract signed between an individual and a bank which stipulates that the latter will offer a fixed sum to the first. This amount will then be loaned to the individual for a period of up to 5 years, depending on the convenience of both parties, and will be reimbursed monthly during the period of validity of the credit.

Why make a personal credit?

The personal loan will be used for a borrower to carry out his projects in his personal capacity as the purchase of a specific property. Note that you could choose between 4 types of credit that are personal loan for work, auto loan or motorcycle loan, leisure loan and cash loan. Also note that the repayment rate must not exceed 33% of the applicant’s income, regardless of the type of credit you will make.

What does the law say in all this?

Be aware that the law will protect you perfectly if you opt for this type of credit. Indeed, the code of consumption requires that any credit between an individual who makes a loan from a bank is fully protected if the sum that the first will ask does not exceed 75,000 euros and whose repayment period exceeds 3 month. This advantage has been reinforced by the Lagarde law in 2011 which wants the terms of the contract to be more detailed for the borrower.

And what about the withdrawal period of your loan?

It is important that since May 1, 2011, you have 7 to 14 days to change your mind in case you do not want to make the personal loan . This prerogative is perfectly written in the article L312-19 of the Code of the consumption. This means that you could always give up your loan even 14 days after having concluded it with your bank thanks to your right of retraction. For this, you only have to send a registered letter to the address that you will find on the withdrawal form that will accompany your contract. However, remember that you will not be able to collect the requested amount until after the withdrawal period has elapsed.

Finally, let’s take a look at the conditions that must be met to validate your personal loan

Of course, the bank will not ask you for proof of how much money you will get. However, she will carefully analyze your profile before validating your loan to avoid any kind of inconvenience. Moreover, more capricious validations and refusals can also be life-saving to avoid having too many credits in progress and to be forced to opt for a grouping of credit so in a sense it is not necessarily worse as well . So do not be surprised if she does a little investigation about you. In addition to this, be sure not to divert your credit for business purposes or building a property otherwise the institution could go so far as to take legal action.

What is a state regulated loan?

Image result for state regulated loanDo you seek advice or a broker to take out a mortgage and finance your main home ? Do you know that if you meet certain eligibility criteria, the state is able to give you some advantages to borrow at a preferential rate? In the jungle, however, there are opportunities and set up of funding files to ensure that the regulated loan identified in your case is available in the bank of your choice. This is not always the case.

  1. SAP and PC as regulated loans
  2. Table of revenue ceilings by zone
  3. The Social Rental Loan (PLS)
  4. The PTZ or Zero Rate Loan
  5. ECO-PRET Zero rate to borrow

average cost of a credit is much lower nowadays.

Attention: Since January 1st of this year 2018, the device APL accession allowing to pay directly to the bank the amount perceived as personalized housing assistance (or APL) is suspended.

The loan agreement or PC is valid for all customers of the bank, regardless of the amount of their income.

Table of revenues by location area in France

To better understand the resource ceilings by location, here is the table in effect in January 2018:

Number of people in the dwelling ZONE A ZONE B1 ZONE B2 ZONE C
Single person € 37,000 € 30,000 € 27,000 24 000 €
2 persons € 51,800 € 42,000 € 37,800 33 600 €
3 people € 62,900 51 000 € € 45,900 40 800 €
4 people € 74,000 60 000 € 54 000 € € 48,000
5 people 85 100 € 69 000 € € 62,100 € 55,200
6 persons € 96,200 78 000 € 70 200 € 62 400 €
7 people 107 300 € 87 000 € 78 300 € 69 600 €
8 people and more
118 400 € 96 000 € € 86,400 € 76,800

In the table above, it should be understood that zones A and B include the Paris agglomeration, the Côte d’Azur, the French Genevois, the agglomerations of more than 50,000 inhabitants, certain coastal zones and borders and the departments of overseas . The last geographical zone or zone C corresponds to the rest of the territory.

Social rental loan or PLS

This is a fairly standard and common measure in the accession to real estate that all banks do not practice because they must have signed an annual refinancing agreement with the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations.

For this regulated loan, the financing of the construction of rental housing is targeted. The minimum amount of the PLS must be at least 50% of the cost price of the financial transaction including the architect’s fees, if applicable, the land charge within the meaning of Article R 331-9 of the Code de construction, net of subsidies.

The PLS rate varies from about 1.86% to 2.16%

It will be understood here that the main beneficiaries of this type of measure are the HLMs, some private promoters in SCI or in their own name, associations, local authorities or SEMs (semi-public companies). In effect, the contractors undertake to manage the housing units or to entrust them to bodies approved by order of the Minister of Housing. An agreement is signed between the lessor and the State for a period ranging from 15 to 40 years.
Let us specify in passing that from a rental point of view, the housing financed by the loan PLS see their rents capped from € 7.72 per square meter in zone C to € 13.08 in zone A bis.

PTZ or Zero Rate Loan for Home Ownership

Facilitating the homeownership of low-income households is the function of the zero-rate or PTZ loan . The resource conditions are undoubtedly observed and you should not have owned the main residence in the last two years. As the name suggests, this is an interest free loan .

The PTZ can finance the construction or purchase of a new home up to 40% of the total real estate transaction. Personal contribution and bank loan complete the financing plan. But its interest is not limited to these realities because it can allow the purchase of an old good in which it is necessary to undertake to make a certain amount of works corresponding to at least 25 per cent of the total of the operation. this in the context of the creation of additional living space or for modernization for example. This will include sanitation, energy saving, and so on.

Quotes for the work are therefore required and a certificate on honor to obtain the PTZ.

In 2018, all banks lending for the acquisition of a principal residence will offer you the PTZ. But this is of course subject to the fact that it gives you its agreement on your solvency because it is not an obligation to grant a loan at zero rate. In this PTZ financing , the State offers a guarantee of last resort that allows the bank to take no risk.

Regarding the resource conditions of beneficiaries, these are rather simple mias again depend on income, the composition of the home and the area where the buyer wants to buy. The lower your income, the longer the repayment period can be! From a technical point of view, the banks like to pay you the interest of the associated loan first and end up repaying the PTZ (two periods of sliding loans are therefore most often proposed).

Eco-loan rate 0 to borrow

Renewed in 2018, the zero-rate loan for ecological work allows each owner to finance the energy renovation of his main residence. However, the housing must be old, that is to say built before 1990. It is possible to make an eco-PTZ bouquet to finance the thermal insulation of the roof, the heating system, etc. The company’s EGR label will be required for the execution of the works and the current amount granted by the bank is € 30000 over a maximum of 15 years.

Wedding Plan & Loan → How to choose your matrimonial regime?

Obviously, and this is the most absolute right, you can subscribe a credit regardless of your status: Married, common-law, pacsé, single and alone … That said, this right does however imply some rules. The first, legally, is to communicate to your banker your matrimonial regime. The latter has indeed a real impact both on your borrowing capacity and even on the rate and the possible negotiation of the monthly payments it will grant you. Here we touch on the principle and the definition of the personal loan .

Image result for wedding loan

  1. The basic rules of the loan by being married
  2. Debts and marital regime of community reduced to acquests
  3. Marital plan prior to 1966 and borrowing
  4. Universal community and credit scheme
  5. Regime of separation of property and debts
  6. Free union (concubinage) or pacs + Loan

Be married to borrow, what you need to know

In French law, there are several distinct matrimonial regimes that are subject to rules to know, not only in the case of loans, but also just before putting the ring on one’s finger. However, note that a loan made under marriage, that it is signed under the legal regime, the community of furniture and acquests or the universal community , will be subscribed in common. If you decide in other conditions to take out a loan without your spouse, the latter will still require their consent. If one of the spouses refuses, the loan will be impossible and you will not be able to borrow from a bank. Only case where the bank does not seek the opinion of the spouse: marriage with separation of property.

The legal regime of the community reduced to acquests and debts

You can logically consider having assets throughout your life, including real estate. These or real estate owned before marriage remain their personal property. With this classic and legal regime, the estate of both spouses is made up of property, common goods and debts . By respecting certain conditions related to distribution and inheritance, the spouses can change their matrimonial regime. At the end of the marriage, in the event of divorce therefore, the commons are separated in two equal and distinct parts. Debts too!

There is a principle of solidarity of the spouses in the marriage under the regime of the community reduced to acquests.

Thus, if the spouses each contract a debt during the marriage, they will be jointly and severally liable for repayment of this debt . However, this reality must be amended because, for all that, this solidarity will not apply if the expenditure is manifestly excessive in relation to the household’s lifestyle, in relation to the usefulness or uselessness of the borrowing operation. in the light of everyday life and of course the good or bad faith of the third party contractor as the fact of knowing that an expense is excessive for the couple in advance. It should be noted at this stage for the marriage of community regime reduced to acquests that the loan or the bond associated only engages the two spouses, and this, provided that they have consented.
Finally, the solidarity between spouses can still be tested if the loan or the bond relate to modest sums useful to the needs of the everyday life (a vehicle to lead the children to the school) and that the calculated amount of the amounts due ( and cumulative) is not excessive in terms of the household’s lifestyle. A creditor of one of the spouses, among other things, can fetch the debt from the other if it concerns the expenses of maintenance of the household or the education of the children .

The former legal regime before 1966, the community furniture and acquests regime

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Today it is a very rare diet but it can still have consequences for some elderly people. Couples married before 1966 without a marriage contract and who did not opt ​​for the adoption of the new legal community by notarized declaration until 31 December 1967 are thus concerned. But this is also the case for couples who have voluntarily adopted the community furniture regime and acquire after February 1, 1966 . In this particular regime, the property is composed of the movable property possessed before the marriage or collected during the marriage by gift or inheritance but also the own goods by nature (except if the contract says the opposite), the goods exchanged during the marriage with an immovable owned by one of the two spouses, the movable property received by bequest or donation on the condition that they do not enter the community.

The debts specific to each of the spouses of interest to us here in the case of loans are those incurred before marriage and those corresponding to the estates and donations received during the marriage. In practice, the community bears a fraction of the debts prior to marriage and debts related to legacies and donations that the spouses benefit during their marriage. To determine this fraction, it must be proportional to the value of what is brought to the community. The seizable property as well as the distribution of the debts as for them in case of separation in particular, are similar to those of the current legal regime of community of property reduced to the acquests .


Marital separation of property and borrowing

In reality, during a divorce, for example, the separation of property regime can also pose problems with the repayment of debts. The identification of the property and debts of the spouse in a precise manner must be made. As a result, from a jurisprudential point of view, when the spouses do not have the same income, one of them contributes more than the other, if not all, to these expenses of a banking nature. Note, at the time of the divorce , that the one who paid instead of her husband, may be asked to seek repayment of sums he has advanced. A warning therefore because what may seem seemingly simple (non-solidarity) can be complex (a solidarity de facto).

Quotity and loan for a married couple

Often unsuspected, or otherwise poorly studied, the proportion between also stake in purchases. It is not necessary for example to buy identical shares (the famous 50/50 sign of undivided ownership in a marriage?) And a married couple acquirer of real estate for example, will be able to play on these if the incomes are unbalanced between them. They will also be able to change the quotes if one of the co-borrowers brings in more.

Interest: To show in a sales agreement the financial effort made by one of the two spouses for cases of separation.

Linked loan insurance is also to be studied especially in this case. IF everyone is 100%, in case of death, this is the guarantee including for the heirs to no longer have real estate credit on the property. In the case of real indivisions (PACS or cohabitation), the survivor no longer has credit to repay and he then recovers a borrowing capacity to pay the heirs to the heirs.

Case of cohabitation and PACS as part of a loan

We enter the indivision for a mortgage. In other words, study your personal borrowing ability to know if you have to borrow alone (the bank will not ask your loved one anything) or if you need to be two to do it. Consider marriage for the inheritance issues discussed above.